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Live Sound

Special Offer from $295.00 per. event within Orange County, CA. Includes engineer & sound check with all the equipment and configuration listed below

Killer sound Syst. & veteran engineer available to do your shows!
Make an unforgettable impression at your next showcase gig! Why waste your time and money on rinky-dink gear, and with an engineer who doesn't know what the h@ll he's doing? How about those crappy house systems found in most clubs? You shouldn't have to settle for that! This engineer has over 35 years experience in live sound under his belt, and with the best gear to back him up! Service includes high precision room/venue real time analyzing (RTA) always resulting in your band getting perfect sound anywhere!


Top-of-the-line professional equipment.

Bi-amped system in Stereo: Highs/Mids & Subs

Capable of supporting very large events indoors or outdoors

Professional Engineer provided (required) with over 35 years experience in live sound

Professional DBX Real Time Analyzing (RTA) and Auto EQ of any room or outdoors area for perfect sound every time!

Complete & direct mic-ing of all instruments, drums & voices

Includes Carvin monitor system, stands & all cabling

Transportation, setup & striking of all sound equipment included.

Equipment List:

Midas M32 digital mixing console

Midas DL32, 32x16 I/O digital stage box (digital snake)

DBX DriveRack VENU360 (speaker management system)

QSC RMX 2450 power amp (powering sub woofers)

QSC K12.2, 2,000 watt main speakers (pair)

JBL M-Pro S418 Sub woofers (pair)

Carvin S600B StageMate monitors (pair)

Microphones: Dynamic and Large Diaphragm Condensers, Shure, EV, sE Electronics

150' digital snake & all cabling

Mic Stands

2 American DJ light trees (par 38 x 8, optional for additional fee)


This service is on contract

An event is defined as 5 hours including equipment setup and sound check

100% cash payment of $295.00 is required up front before equipment is loaded and transported

Service time exceeding the basic 5 hours is charged at the rate of $60.00 per hour overtime

Locations outside South Orange County will require additional transportation charge

Basic stage lighting is provided for an additional $60.00 fee and will require and extra 30 minutes for setup

All outstanding balances to be paid immediately in cash at the conclusion of event

Reasonable break time is required between sets

Music can be played through sound system during breaks, but engineer will not be responsible for additional DJ duties

No one but sound company personnel will be permitted to operate the equipment

Any questions? Call us at (949) 338-2265 or email

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Live Sound Gear

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