Professional Multimedia Productions





Music Production

Pre Production

Basic Tracking

Dynamic, condenser and tube condenser microphones

Acoustic & electronic production, originally specializing in acoustic

Dedicated PC Workstation-based platform

Multitrack analog, digital audio and MIDI via Tascam DM-4800 DAW with Sonar Producer X3

KAT & Fatar MIDI controllers

Post Production

Automated digital Mixing

Effects include Lexicon DSP and in-console TC/Works 

Mastering with Izotope's Ozone 5 or 7 Advanced

Audio Master CD Burning

High Speed CD/DVD Mass Duplication

CD color graphics & Mass Duplication

MP3 Encoding and Uploading

Professional Live Sound

Top-of-the-line professional equipment totaling 3660 Watts RMS of CLEAN QSC power! See our equipment section for more specifics on equipment

Tri-amped system in Stereo: Highs, Mids & Subs

Capable of supporting very large events indoors or outdoors

Professional Engineer provided (required) with over 35 years experience in live sound

Professional DBX Real Time Analyzation (RTA) of any room or outdoors area for perfect sound every time!

Complete & direct mic-ing of all instruments, drums & voices

Includes EV monitor system, stands & all cabling

Transportation, setup & striking of all sound equipment included.

Special Offer! - The KILLER LIVE SOUND DEAL! is only $129.00 per. event within Orange County, CA.  Includes engineer & sound check with all the equipment and configuration listed above!  An event is defined as 5 hours including equipment setup and sound check.  Service time exceeding the basic 5 hours is charged at the rate of $60.00 per hour. Locations outside South Orange County will require additional transportation charge. This offer requires up-front cash payment in-full and immediate payments for additional hours of service. Any questions? Call us at (949) 338-2265 or email

Web Site Design

Complete Web Page design and publishing

Youtube support

Web Site maintenance

MS Front Page for creation and editing

All formats, MP3, CDA, AVI, Real, Win Media & Streaming Video


Graphics Production

Complete graphics design and layout

Complete CD/DVD Jewel case color graphics design and layout

Complete CD/DVD color graphics design and layout on disk

Fast, Photo Quality Scanner & Printer

Load and process your digital camera data 

All Software for in house CD/DVD Jewel case design and large color printing jobs

Other Services

Repair of guitar & bass tube amplifiers

Installation of Multimedia Data Projectors & Flat Panel Display Units

Computer repair, upgrades, data migration & configurations (PC & Apple)

Computer troubleshooting service

Computer custom design and build (all PC's at WDP built by us) 

Copyright documents Processed


    All Above recording studio, live sound, installation services, computer repair and IT services begin at $125.00 per. hour.  Block rates are also available starting at $90.00 per hour.

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