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Here you can audition the multi-genre work product of our recording studio over the years!

A word from the Producer:

I am a multi instrumentalist and songwriter with years of experience and education in music theory, composition and recording technologies. My primary instruments are percussion and voice, secondary is the piano keyboard which is my medium for writing and arranging songs.

As you can see (and hear) on this page, from any experienced producer/engineer, it doesn't really matter what your genre is; recording, engineering and producing music employ the same general techniques and methodologies across all genres.

Many of the artists here came to me with just their voice and a guitar on their back. In the process of engineering their recordings I sometimes added drums (acoustic or electronic), MIDI bass, keyboards and backup vocals. Some artists brought their own musicians, i.e. bass guitarist, keyboardist, vocalists, etc..., and that worked very well. Some of the songs here are my own.

Oftentimes I helped the artists with their compositions and arrangements to better maximize their ideas, purpose and thus, their goals. I would set up a few mics, do some patching, adjust signal levels, and as soon as they were well acclimated and comfortable, I'd tell them, "let Ďer rip!" and they would do their thing. I recall back in the days when I lacked a vocal booth, one of my artists recorded her vocals in my shower!

If artists made a mistake we could either record their initial track over again or just splice them in before the mistake. In the digital realm we can now fix mistakes after the fact without recording the whole piece over again. I can also fix vocal parts with advanced pitch correction technologies; I can literally make your vocals perfect.

Oftentimes artists were not playing to a timepiece, so when the rhythm section was added I had to follow their time and pace. Some artists prefer not play to a timepiece, or they simply find it difficult. This is why you will notice unsteadiness in some of the songs. A basic starting track, i.e. a rhythm guitar part, can always be rerecorded to a timepiece before we proceed to build on top of it. It takes more time, but the end result is always much better. However, Iíve found it does not take any additional time for musicians experienced in synchronizing their performance to a timepiece.

Oftentimes I had no prior knowledge of their songs, neither their format, nor arrangement, and had to do my best to anticipate their changes and just improvise. In some cases I had the opportunity to first rehearse their songs, but this is time consuming and studio time is money. After their initial recordings, some would request that I work further on their songs by adding instrumentation, background vocals and/or improving their tracks in the mix, sometimes years later!

Music production is both an art and science. As you will hear on this page, I am expert in engineering and producing excellent sounding recordings, something I have been doing since 1981. The art and science of music production is highly specialized; not many people possess the knowledge, abilities and skills to get the job done and deliver a quality, album-ready product. There are many studios out there with great gear, but lacking people who actually know how to use it. Other studios will assign their associates or employees to work with you, but thatís not the way I do things. I am a one man operation who prefers working directly with, and developing artists.

Music production is also a time consuming process. Therefore, I make my living getting paid for my services, my talents; I can be working on something for what seems to be 1 or 2 hours, only to glance at the clock and find 4 - 6 hours have passed. Thatís how consumed I am with producing great recordings.

Please take some time, audition my work and contact me with any questions. You can easily get in touch by clicking on my email address at the bottom of this page, as well as any page on this website. Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to working with you to achieve a music production for which best showcases your talents and you can be proud. Enjoy the songs!


Marc A. Levinson


Do You
(C. Witbeck, C2000)
(C. Witbeck, C2000)
Moonlight On The Beat
(C. Witbeck, C2000)
Red Highway
(C. Witbeck, C2000)
Earthquake '94
(C. Witbeck, C1994)
I'll Take You There
(C. Witbeck, C1994)
Biting The Feeding Hand
(J. Maloy, C2007)
Chameleon Soul
(J. Maloy, C2007)
I Long For You
(D. Burgess, 1994)
(J. Maloy, C2007)
You Know I Care
(C. Witbeck, C1995)
Never Been To Spain
(H. Axton, C1971 - Quick Like Molasses Version)
Wild Horses
(M. Jagger & K. Richards, C1971 - Burden Of Groove Version)
King Of The Mountain
(J. Maloy, C2007)
All She Needs
(E. Mantel, M. Levinson & E. Levinson, C1984)



Schoolhouse Blues
(I. Smith, C1999)
Jesus & Johnny
(Havalinas, C1990- Quick Like Molasses Version)


Alt Rock

Stay Away
(C. Witbeck, C1993)
(C. Witbeck, C1993)
Rock'n It Every Day
(C. Witbeck, C1993)
Oregon Joan
(J. Maloy, C2012)
Field Of Dreams
(P. Arant & D. Howard, C1995)
(J. Arant, C1993)
The Other Side
(A. Turrey, C1998)
Stoned Up The Road
(T. Blum, C2007 - Quick Like Molasses Version)
(J. Arant, C1993)


Psych Rock

Shine On Me
(J. Maloy, C1997)
Little Indian Girl
(J. Maloy, C1993)
(J. Maloy, C2006)



Linger On
(M. Levinson, C1984)
Homebound Highway
(M. Levinson, C2001)
It's Too Late
(M. Levinson, C1984)
(E. Mantel, M. Levinson & E. Levinson, C1984)
Robin a cappella
(E. Mantel, M. Levinson & E. Levinson, C1984)
Two Hearts
(E. Mantel, M. Levinson & E. Levinson, C1984)



(V. Morrison, C1970 - Burden Of Groove Version)
The Last Thing I Do
(J. Richards, C2006)
Wishing I Was Kissing You
(A. Ellis, C2007)
Heartbeat From A Heartache
(J. Richards, C2006)
All Alone
(A. Ellis, C1994 - Performed by the Richards Family)
The Blacksmith
(J. Richards, C1993 - Performed by the Richards Family)
(D. Wyatt, C1998)
Dying World
(D. Wyatt, C1998)
Me & You
(D. Wyatt, C1998)


Blues & R&B

My Time After A While
(R. Badger & B. Geddins, C1964 - Kojo Blues Version)
Pocket Full Of Blues
(B. Smaw, A. Aviles & J. Cross, C2007)
I Ain't Superstitious
(W. Dixon, C1961 - Burden Of Groove Version)



(G. Hughes, C1994)
(G. Hughes, C1994)
Rude A Cappella
(G. Hughes, C1994)
(G. Hughes, C1994)
Coming After Me
(G. Hughes, C1994)
Who Killed The Cat?
(G. Hughes, C1994)



I'm Falling For You
(M. Delvin, C1988)
Stay With Me Tonight
(M. Delvin, C1988)
Warp Factor One
(M. Levinson, C1989)
Girl You Make My Body Move
(M. Levinson, C1989)
Wichita Lineman
(J. Webb, C1968 - M. Levinson Version)
You Know You Want Me
(M. Levinson, C1983)



Born To Be A Cowboy
(F. Pangborn & A. Ellis, C2005)
Devil Wind
(F. Pangborn & A. Ellis, C2005)
When I Ran Out Of Money
(F. Pangborn & A. Ellis, C2005)
Chant Of The Plains
(B. Nolan, C1956 - Performed by the Richards Family)
Ghost Riders
(S. Jones, C1948 - Performed by the Richards Family)
He Taught Me How To Yodel
(F. Ifield, C1962 - Performed by the Richards Family)
(T. Weidenkeller, C1992)
Never Too Late To Be A Cowboy
(R. Richards, C - Performed by the Richards Family)
Old Poineers
(R. Richards, C1995 - Performed by the Richards Family)
Rodeo Cowboy
(R. Richards, C1980 - Performed by the Richards Family)
Spin A Country Record Backwards
(J. Richards, C1996 - Performed by the Richards Family)
Rusty Richards on Youtube! 2016


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