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12/31/12 - WDP has just upgraded it's music production software to Cakewalk's latest & greatest Sonar Producer X2! As a bonus they threw in Izotope's Ozone 5 mastering software. WDP is now a mastering house!

12/26/12 - WDP has completed the process of upgrading it's workhorse recording computer to the latest & greatest hardware technology! Click here for all the details!

12/9/12 - The WDP Special - KILLER LIVE SOUND DEAL! - only $179.00!  As seen in Craig's List and the Orange County Recycler! Back by popular demand, no expiration date! Check

7/31/11 - WDP has just released some new music videos! Check them out here!

4/16/11 - WDP has just upgraded it's main console to the Tascam DM-4800! Its a 64 X 24 digital board with automation, 24 bit @96KHz! We are interfacing it via the Tascam IF-FW/DM MK2 Firewire interface that transfers 32 I/O simultaneously! Pictures are now posted in our STUDIO TOUR section. Here's a link to the Tascam site where you can check out all the specs

1/20/10 - Check out the NEW highly acclaimed sE RNR1 Ribbon Microphone designed by Rupert Neve!  We have it!  Purchase it here!  Also check out our new pricing on all sE Electronics Microphones in our Pro Audio Store.  Contact us for special pricing as we WILL beat any  price quotes you receive from other dealers!

1/1/10 - Happy New Year from WDP!  Check out our newly updated control room pictures in our Studio Tour!

7/28/09 - WDP announces their guitar & bass amplifier repair service!

7/23/09 - WDP now has the capability of producing High Definition Video and Blu-Ray Disc™ DVDs!

6/3/09 - WDP is working on the re-release of the newly re-mixed and now complete Montage archives and the new Marko Nadsworth Solo album.

1/20/09 - Check out our newly updated "links" page!  We have updated it to provide you with quick, easy access to all the products we use.  It's also a great resource for musicians, so add it to your favorites and bookmarks

11/08 - WDP is completely set up for remote engineering!  This includes both tracking and cue monitor control

November 2007 - WDP has upgraded to Avid Liquid Pro 7.2 for professional video production.

October 2007 - WDP goes QUAD!  Our newest multimedia production computer features the new Intel Q6600 Quad Core Processor along with Dual Nvidia 8600 GTS PCIe Graphic Processors!  See our equipment list for all the details.

June 2007 - WDP now offers professional installation of Multimedia Data Projector Systems and Flat Panel Monitors for your home or business.  email us for a price quote!

December 2006 - WDP is now providing professional Video services! This includes Music Videos and DVD Production! See our equipment list and services sections for all the details.

April 26, 2006 - WDP is offering a special deal on Live Sound Service!  Only $349.00!  Check it out here!

November 2006 - Quick Like Molasses playing gigs in Laguna Beach!  Addition of new light systems!

September 2006 - WDP's new state-of-the-art Studio "B" has been completed!  Click on the STUDIO TOUR button to your left to view.   

August 2006 - "Quick Like Molasses" Band Launched! Click here for more info!

December 19, 2005 - As seen in Numerous Guitar Player Magazine Articles and GHS Strings Endorser, Eric Mantel Continues to Amaze the World as a Virtuoso Guitarist Extraordinaire.  His New "The Unstruck Melody" CD 2006 Release Has Arrived!  We Now Have It In Stock!  Buy it here!  Pick up Eric Mantel's latest and greatest CD now!

December, 2005 - WDP Goes Live!  Yes, we now do professional live sound!  See our equipment and services sections for more details and pricing.

October, 2005 - Prices on our most popular SE Microphone models have been slashed!

May, 2005 - Marc, the president of WDP is playing drums in the band Maloy Click on our "Artists" button to your left and then select "Josh Maloy."

February, 2005 - The new Clearsonic online catalog is now fully functional, just click on our "Pro Audio Store" button to your left.

February, 2005 - WDP becomes an authorized dealer for ClearSonic Portable Acoustic Shield & Baffle systems.  We are happy to announce we will be adding these new professional audio products to our online catalog very soon!

January, 2005 - WDP attends the NAMM trade show at the Anaheim Convention Center

December, 2004 - SE Electronics Microphones and Sonic Distribution announce a "7 day FREE trial" microphone program!  Click on the Microphones button for details!

October, 2004 - All of our SE Microphones have been discounted 10%! 

September, 2004 - The SE Electronics Microphone models have arrived!
Click on our "Pro Audio Store" button to the left to see our full online catalog.

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