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WDP releases Montage - The Complete Collection This double set CD-R of 21 songs is the most complete archive of the band Montage to date, and features a bunch of first time released songs! The original recordings were made between 1980 – 1985 and have now been newly remastered in digital! Montage - The Complete Collection showcases the band’s evolution from experimental fusion to pop. This collection is a must-have item for Eric Mantel fans worldwide because for example, it contains the never before heard, original version of his song “Gloria.” The Montage lineup includes: Eric Mantel - Guitars & Vocals, Eric Levinson - Keyboards & Bass, and Marc Levinson - Drums, Vocals & Production. You may purchase directly from WDP, or get digital downloads from Rhapsody, iTunes, and many other popular download services worldwide!

WDP has upgraded to a Gretsch New Classic Maple Drum kit for use in Studio B. This special kit is wrapped in their Gold Nitron finish and features a Gibraltar curved rack system, all Zildjian A series cymbals and Tama hardware with a DW hi-hat. Produced since 1883 here in the USA, Gretsch is world renown for it's excellent tone, ease and accuracy in tuning and playability. Therefore Gretsch is an excellent choice for recording studios. Check it out here!

WDP has upgraded to Sonar Producer X3 which has come with Melodyne pitch correction by Celemony!

WDP now offers custom made PC-based audio/video production computers for much less than the competition! Click here for all the details!

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