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  As an independently owned record label and recording studio in Orange County, CA, Warp Drive Productions continues to stay on the cutting edge of music recording technology by offering it's clients the flexibility and choice in this ever evolving universe of production techniques. We cover all production needs from basic tracking to complex multitrack mixing and mastering for final product. Additional services include large sound system rentals that come with an experienced engineer for your important showcase gig, permanent installations of multimedia systems, custom design and assembly of dedicated PC-based multimedia production computers and equipment repair. Please take some time to check out our Studio Tour, Equipment List, Services offered, and our Pro Audio Store as we're also a pro audio dealer. Thanks for stopping by.

Company Profile
We began in 1989 as a small recording studio in Southern California and have since grown into an inde record label and pro audio dealer.  

Our Mission
From amateur to professional, We guarantee that your end product is awesome. It's just that simple.

Why WDP?
If you need to get a professional music production done, come in and see us. We can make your life a whole lot easier when it comes to engineering, producing, packaging and releasing your final product.
Why travel all the way up to the valley when you can get better results with us here in South Orange County?
We are a service driven studio that takes pride in quality and customer satisfaction. No support tickets here, we believe in direct human interaction.
We have decades of experience in pro recording and live sound.
All our products and services are competitively priced.  Send us a quote and we’ll beat any competitor's price.
Make us your one-stop multimedia solution.  Hit the "Contact" button to your left to get started today!

"We've been working on our music project at a commercial studio in LA, but the staff there was not in tune with our needs and we got the feeling they just wanted us in and out, like a factory. When it came to web publishing and promotions, they didn’t do any of that stuff. They couldn’t even make our songs into MP3s! Warp Drive Productions has made our production experience more relaxed, affordable and the end result is much better than anything we've ever done at other local studios."

Aurora Turrey,
La Mirada, CA


WDP Live Sound - Make the best impression on your next gig or showcase from $395.00, click for details or click on the new Live Sound button on the left margin

WDP Has upgraded its live sound gear to the Midas M32 digital mixing console, the Midas DL32, 32x16 Digital Stage Box with 150' Digital Snake. We've also added a 2 pairs of QSC K12.2, 2,000 watt RMS powered speaker cabinets for mains

WDP has upgraded to a Gretsch New Classic Maple Drum kit for use in Studio B. This special kit is wrapped in their Gold Nitron finish and features a Gibraltar curved rack system, all Zildjian A series cymbals and Tama hardware with a DW hi-hat. Produced since 1883 here in the USA, Gretsch is world renown for it's excellent tone, ease and accuracy in tuning and playability. Therefore Gretsch is an excellent choice for recording studios. Check it out here!

WDP has upgraded to Izoptpe Ozone 7 Advanced for mastering. Suite also includes Alloy 2, Nectar 2 & Trash 2

WDP has upgraded to Sonar Producer X3 which has come with Melodyne pitch correction by Celemony!

WDP now offers custom made PC-based audio/video production computers for much less than the competition! Click here for all the details!

WDP releases Montage - The Complete Collection This double set CD-R of 21 songs is the most complete archive of the band Montage to date, and features a bunch of first time released songs! The original recordings were made between 1980 – 1985 and have now been newly remastered in digital! Montage - The Complete Collection showcases the band’s evolution from experimental fusion to pop. This collection is a must-have item for Eric Mantel fans worldwide because for example, it contains the never before heard, original version of his song “Gloria.” The Montage lineup includes: Eric Mantel - Guitars & Vocals, Eric Levinson - Keyboards & Bass, and Marc Levinson - Drums, Vocals & Production. You may purchase directly from WDP, cdbaby.com or get digital downloads from Rhapsody, iTunes, and many other popular download services worldwide!

Click on Past News to view our news archives.  

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