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This CD is a complete and essential archive of many of Eric's earliest works!

21 Songs Total

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This set of two CD-Rs containing 21 tracks is the most complete archive of Montage to date, and features a bunch of first time released songs! The original recordings were made between 1980 Ė 1985 and have now been newly remastered in digital! Montage Ė The Complete Collection showcases the bandís evolution from experimental fusion to pop. This collection is a must-have item for Eric Mantel fans worldwide because for example, it contains the never before heard, original version of his song ďGloria.Ē The Montage lineup includes: Eric Mantel - Guitars & Vocals, Eric Levinson - Keyboards & Bass, and Marc Levinson - Drums, Vocals & Production.

Montage was WAY ahead of the times with their own brand of Fusion/Pop music! The original lineup was Marc Levinson - Drums & Vocals and his brother, Eric Levinson on Keyboards and Keyboard Bass. The Montage duo was the brainchild of drummer/singer Marc Levinson and actually began while Marc Levinson was still playing drums in the band Seiche, Just a few months after Seiche released their 1979 demo LP (now a collector's item in Europe,) Marc and Eric initially began recording at their new Levinsong Studio facility in Glenwood, Illinois. Technically, Ken Thornton was the bandís first guitarist at only 15 years of age! In the bandís evolution Eric Mantel later filled-in for Ken Thornton and eventually become the permanent guitarist/vocalist of Montage.

This new, Complete Collection includes many never before heard tracks released for the first time! This double CD-R set includes newly released tracks with the bandís original guitarist, Ken Thornton and special guest musicians like Ron Hansen on bass.

Quite simply, Levinson & Levinsonís band Montage was the breeding ground for both Ken Thornton and Eric Mantel, two MONSTER talents!

So where are they now?

Eric Mantel, and continues to amaze the world with his abilities as a true UNSUNG HERO OF ROCK. GUITAR PLAYER MAGAZINE is completely astounded with Eric's guitar techniques and abilities. Eric Mantel also owns and operates the most successful guitar instruction school in the Midwest . Eric has just released his new CD on his own label titled "The Unstruck Melody." His previously released CD, "A Time To Remember" included David Raggsdale on violin, formerly of the group KANSAS . This new Montage CD release is a MUST HAVE ITEM for Eric Mantel fans and clearly demonstrates all styles and techniques of a real guitar virtuoso extraordinaire in action.

Ken Thornton of the bands Montage, Midnight Sun & Deadpan Jester, has been a permanent fixture in the well renown over-the-top, College-town band von Frickle,

In 1987 Marc Levinson from the bands Seiche and Montage joined the Tammy Thomas Group on Playhouse Records and went on tour in support of their two #1 top 60 dance chart hits, "It's Getting Better" and "Do You Want Me?" released as 12" dance singles on Vinyl. The latter song (house version) was mixed by Jimmy Jam.

Drummer Marc Levinson eventually quit the Tammy Thomas Group in September 1988 and relocated to Orange County, California where he established his new production company, Warp Drive Productions, and released his first solo album under the name of Marko Nadsworth, also available on,

Keyboardist - Eric Levinson works in the software industry as a programmer, and relocated to Sonoma County , California where he enjoys his small home studio in his spare time, Levinsong Productions,





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